How to remove .lnk virus permanentaly

Hello Guys!,

This post is for those who are suffering from the .lnk virus which is automatically created when the pendrive or any external storage media is inserted in your PC or laptop.

I found this method when i had the same problem in my desktop,at that time i have no internet connection to download the antivirus,to search the right method to remove it,then i found this you can also try this method, i am sure that it will work. 

You can easily remove the virus by following the simple steps given below:-

1.Remove all the password and settings from the all the accounts that you have.

2.Open a new administrator account name with "admin" or any name.If don't know click here to see how to open.

3.Copy all the important files and data from desktop,documents etc. which are on windows drive.

4.Now log off all the accounts and go to the newly created "admin" account.

5.Here you will see that there is a fresh account which doesn't have the .lnk virus.

6.Now before inserting the virus effected external storage in it,format it without marking quick format option.

7.After that you will see that the virus is gone out from your PC/Laptop but the work still remaining.

8.Now turnoff all the accounts except the "admin" account.  

8.Now go to C:\Users and there you will see all your accounts that are currently present.

9.Not take the ownership of all the remaining account except "admin" and delete them permanently by pressing shift+del.If dont't know how to take ownership click here.

10.That's all  now enjoy on your PC/Laptop without the .lnk.     

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